May 12, 2019
   It's now the middle of May and our 4th graders have finished with their SBAC testing.  Fifth graders will start testing on Monday, May 13.  Science will be first, then Language Arts on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday will be focused on testing math skills.  Please remember that the SBAC tests are only one measure of how well your child has learned. Your classroom teacher and I have been reviewing their progress on tests, quizes, and their writing, and observing their progress on a daily basis.  We are continuously reteaching, reviewing or teaching your children in new ways, so that they will learn the skills they need to be successful.
     Fourth and fifth graders have been working on math skills including: computation, place value, solving word problems with many steps, reading charts, measuring and telling time. They love to play games to practice their skills.  
     Many Language arts skills are taught as part of the science or social studies curriculum.  In addition to writing about a topic, our students are learning about opinion writing, supporting their examples with details, organizing their writing, and capitalization, punctuation and spelling.  Your children are learning to write on a chrome book so that they can take advantage of:  having their writing read back to  them, checking their spelling, making corrections easily, and sharing with a teacher so that she can help edit or give him some new ideas; your children can also work on writing at home if you have access to a computer, IPad or phone.
     You are such an important key in your child's success.  Please encourage your child to read every night (or read to him - they are never too old to listen to a story).  Spend time every day talking to your child about his day and ask him about what he is reading.  Children gain knowledge by reading books and enjoy when another person, especially their family are interested in what they are reading.
This has been an exciting year for your children.  There have been field trips, special speakers, writing projects, and presentations to celebrate students' writing.  Thank you for sharing your children with me; I have enjoyed working with your fourth and fifth grade children in their classrooms, on field trips and within my resource room.  
And here it is almost March.  As you know our 2nd marking period will be over in a few weeks.  I look forward to seeing the families of all the students I work with the week of March 11-15.  I will try to coordinate a time we can meet, with the conference time you have scheduled with your classroom teacher.  If we are unable to connect to schedule a time, please stop by room 24 so we can talk about your child's progress.  Your children have been so busy improving their skills in math and language arts.  They are very proud of the effort they have put in and the progress they have made.  I appreciate the extra time you  spend with your children at home practicing their skills; it has made a big difference.  
If you ever want to contact me please email me at .  I do not have a phone in my room, but I check my email many times a day and can always find time to talk to families of my students.  
Barbara Hanauer
BS Education, MS SPED, MS Literacy