When editing a Department or Board home page there are a number of light grey tabs on the left hand side of the form that you will be using. Only use the light pink tabs when instructed to do so by VTS.  Each tab contains different fields of information for your board or department. 

Department/Board Tab

Title - Title of the department or board. This will show up on the top of the page when you view the department on the site.  

Subtitle – Subtitle of the department or board.  This will display under the title when you view the department on the site.

E-Subscriber –Check the boxes that you want to allow website visitors to register for mailing lists so they will receive emails when sent regarding those topics. Most common are Minutes, Agenda, News & Announcements and Urgent Alerts.

General Information – Photo/Description Tab

Main image / Slideshow - field allows you to upload a department image or as a slideshow of images on the group home page.  Click Choose Files, select image to upload; click Upload. Internet Explorer and FireFox browsers have a Browse versus Choose File button.

After uploading a photo you will be able to add Alternate Text (used for screen readers) and an Image Title (shows up when you hover your mouse over the image.) 

Image caption – Enter text in this field that will display under the uploaded image.

Description - Free-form area where you type or paste the text that will be displayed on your Department or Board webpage (functions similar to Microsoft Word or the message section for email).  Often used for the Mission Statement or a Description of Our Services. See Section 20 for more detail about Free-Form

Display Options Tab 
Here you may add a Department/Board specific logo with the option of applying it to all group pages or to just the Home page.

Display Options

Address Tab

Location name - Label like “Town Hall”, “Highway Station”, or “Parks Department”.  
All other fields are standard address fields and display in the order seen.  Click Save upon completion of fields.

Contact Information

Hours of Operation- Free-form area where you type the text that will be displayed on a webpage (functions similar to Microsoft Word or the message section for email) 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8 am – 4 pm Tuesday, Thursday 9-5  

Phone, Fax, Emergency Numbers, and After Hours Phone Number fields you can add multiple phone numbers, or one per field. For example, if your department has two phone numbers you can enter the first number in the Phone section then click the Add another item button and an addition Phone field will show up. 


You can enter a second number. You can also reorder the numbers by clicking and dragging on the handles to the left of the phone numbers.


If you click on Show order number you will see a view with a column labeled Order. From the dropdowns in this column you can also arrange order of phone numbers.  Please note that -1 will list phone number at top of this field and 1 designates lowest placement in list.


Key Contacts – Key Contacts, Board Members, Staff Members Tab

Key Contact(s) – The site admin to create each contact persons node prior to this page being populated.  Once contacts are created they can be assigned on this page as Key Contact(s), Board Member and Staff Contacts.  In each of these fields begin typing the contacts name and if they have previously been created there names will populate these fields. 

Quick Links Tab

Title – Enter link description text to appear in left side Quick Link Navigation  

URL – Enter the url to the website or webpage you are linking to  

Click Add another item to open area to add an additional Quick Link  

Quick links will only display on your Department or Board homepage.  You can enter internal or external links.  If you want to link to the internal page http://www.yoursite.gov/conservationcommission you can put ‘conservation-commission’ in the URL field.  If linking to an external site we recommend checking the box to Open URL in a New Window. External Links must be fully qualified with the entire pathname including the http://


Meeting Information Tab - Mostly used for Boards to provide details for a regularly scheduled meeting. 

Meeting Information Tab

When – Enter weekday of the meeting or something like “First Tuesday of the Month” 
Where – Enter location of meeting 
Time – Enter the time of meeting