Bulletin Item

Title - Enter text that will be displayed at the top of the page when people click on the bulletin for more detailed information. * 

Image – Click Choose File, select the bulletin board image, then click Upload. Internet Explorer and FireFox browser has a Browse versus Choose File button. * 

Image caption heading - Text entered will be appended to the beginning of the image caption in overlays.  Minimum length is 50 characters. 

Image caption - Only the first 160 characters will display in a slideshow overlay. 

Note: Can use only one of the following options - Link To or Body option 

Link to – Enter the URL if you want to link to an internal or external webpage when someone clicks on this Slide/Bulletin.   Check the “Open URL in a new window” box if the link should open in a new window. 

Body - Free-form area where you type or paste the text that will be displayed on a webpage when someone clicks on a bulletin (functions similar to Microsoft Word or the message section for email).  

Bulletin Example: 
Note: The system will automatically resize it to make sure the image is not too large but the minimum image size to be uploaded is 800 pixels wide and 400 pixels in height. It is better to create the images at the appropriate size because if the system resizes the images it could distort any text on them.  If you have any sizing issues or questions, contact our Customer Support Center.  

Bulletin Example

Display Options Tab 

Review on -  Group Admin can click within the date box and a calendar will display to select the month, day and year to review the content.  An email will be sent to the Group Admin email address with a review reminder. 

Scheduling options Tab This feature allows a Group Admin to choose Publish and Unpublish dates for Bulletin Notices.  For both  Publish on and Unpublish on fields choose Dates and Times for displaying notices.   If the Publish on date is blank it will be published immediately.  If the Unpublish on date is blank it will remain published on the website until manually removed.