Districtwide Calendar Protocol


The purpose of the districtwide calendar is to create one place for parents, students, Stamford Public Schools (SPS) Staff, BOE members, and community members to find information about SPS-related events. Any event included in this districtwide calendar must be of general interest and open to the public.

Each school must designate one person to review/approve and post items to its school calendar and determine (based on the protocol below) which events will roll up to the district calendar. The school will only have to update one calendar. The calendar displayed on the individual school’s website will include both the school’s district-worthy events, as well as the school-specific events.

Protocol for Events to Roll Up to the Districtwide Calendar

  1. Any item to be rolled up from an individual school calendar to the districtwide calendar must be open to the public and meet at least one of the following criteria:
    1. Is relevant to a broad audience, such as a school musical
    2. Affects the entire school community, such as field day
    3. Pertinent to the mission of the district, such as family workshops or curriculum nights
    4. Sponsored by the district, such as STEMfest
  2. Items that would not be rolled up to the district calendar might include the following:
    1. A class field trip
    2. A school governance council meeting
    3. Fundraising deadlines
    4. Non-public school-based events
  3. All calendar events should be listed in a consistent format
    1. Name of school (always first)*, name of event, date, time and location
    2. Include any supporting materials as a link

*School abbreviations should be used as follows:

Davenport: Dvnpt

Hart: Hart

KT Murphy: KTM

Newfield: Nwfld

Northeast: NE

Rogers Int’l: Rgrs

Roxbury: Rxbry

Springdale: Spgdl

Julia A. Stark: Stark

Stillmeadow: Stlmdw

Strawberry Hill: Straw

Toquam: Tqm

Westover Magnet: Wstovr

Cloonan: Cloon

Dolan: Dolan

Rippowam: Ripp

Scofield Magnet: Scfld

Turn of River: TOR

Academy of Information Technology & Engineering: AITE

Stamford High: SHS

Westhill High: WHS