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 Mrs. Mays Music Class 

Everyone agrees… kids need breaks from their rigorous learning schedules. And music class is one of those breaks where the kiddos can leave their classrooms and enter into my world.
Let’s be clear… the kids do need breaks, but my music class is chocked full of learning
and the best part is… my little ones (kindergarten to 2nd grade) don’t realize My music class is more than singing, it’s:

  • counting (in English and in Spanish)
  • addition/subtraction (learning rhythmic)
  • algebra (solving a music equation with an unknown)
  • literacy (rhyming words, opposites, synonyms, reading lyrics, reading fluency, vocabulary, etc.)



  • geography — songs from around the world and/or about different places; locating states and countries on the map.
  • science — how musical instruments make sound; how our anatomy helps us breathe and sing.
  • and all the rest—organizational skills, taking notes; using our notes to complete projects; time management; problem solving; prioritizing; using diagrams to organize information; teaching our peers; creating new ideas; evaluating others work; critiquing our own work. The list is endless!

One thing is for sure, learning is happening every minute in Mrs. May’s Music Class!

The Society for Neuroscience conducted a study of the affects of music on a child’s brain. The findings conclude that children who received musical training before the age of seven reaped the greatest benefits.

In China, a group of 48 students between the ages of 19 and 21 were gathered. All of them had at least a year of formal music education, beginning sometime be- tween ages 3 and 15. Researches examined the volume of gray matter, the surface area, and the folding index of the brain. The students who started before age seven had a noticeable advantage in all of these categories, and also had a thicker cortex. These areas of the brain lead to benefits in executive function, language skills, auditory skills, and self awareness.

Music with Mrs. May 

Thursday, December 5, 2019 9:20:00 AM