Create Event(s)

Create Event(s)

Title - Enter text that will be displayed at the top of the page when people click on the Event for more detailed information. *

Event Type – Select the type of event from the drop down menu. The options to choose from are Community Event, Event, Holiday, and Public Meeting.*

Event Date *
Show End Date check box Event Date Event Time To Event Date Event Time
Optional Repeat check box for reoccurring events
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Body - Free-form area where you type or paste the text that will be displayed on a webpage when someone clicks on a bulletin (functions similar to Microsoft Word or the message section for email).

Event Address

Scheduling Options
This feature allows a Group Admin to choose Publish and Unpublish dates for Events. For both Publish on and Unpublish on fields choose Dates and Times for displaying Event. If the Publish on date is blank it will be published immediately. If the Unpublish on date is blank it will remain published on the website until manually removed.