Link Title is title of the link that will be displayed to your Board or Departments navigation.  
Link URL - This can either be a link to an external page like a state or government site, or for a page in a different department.  

  1. Internal page, use this format - planning-department/pages/application-filingguidelines 
  2. External page, use the full URL address - 

Display Options Tab 

  • Add to persistent links - When this box is checked it adds a link to the webpage of the board, or department left navigation. If the box is unchecked it won’t display in the left navigation.   
  • Open URL in a New Window – Place a check in this box if you want to open this webpage into a new tab on your browser. 
  • Display on "Where Do I Go For?" page - If checked, this page will show up on the "Where do I go for?"(also known as Service A-Z, How Do I) page. 
  • Add to Categories Tab 

If the website uses Residents, Businesses or Visitors Buttons you can select the category you want this webpage to be placed under for quick access.    

  • Residents Topics  
  • Business Topics
  • Visitor Topics