Urgent Alert

Title – Enter a title that will display on the Urgent Alert.

Full Description is linked from the Urgent Alert with detail. This section is where text, images, tables can be added. This section is the free-form area and functions similar to Microsoft Word or the message section for email. 

E-Subscriber Notification Tab

Send E-Subscriber notification for this update. If your Board or Department is set up so that people can subscribe to a new posting then you can send the notification by placing a check in the box then click the Save and Close button to send email.

Scheduling options Tab This feature allows a Group Admin to choose Publish and Unpublish dates for Bulletin Notices. For both Publish on and Unpublish on fields choose Dates and Times for displaying notices. If the Publish on date is blank it will be published immediately. If the Unpublish on date is blank it will remain published on the website until manually removed.